About SIM

Founded in 1972, SIM is a pioneer in training services offered to companies. Over the years, SIM’s experienced multidisciplinary team has earned a reputation for excellence and, above all, for achievement in fulfilling its mandates both at home and abroad. Among its credits, SIM counts more than 4,000 projects undertaken in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Haiti, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, The Comoros, Hungary, Congo, Romania, Ivory Coast, Benin and the Republic of Guinea, to name a few.

Originally focused on business services, SIM is now a world-class provider of occupational health and safety training and skills management. Always eager to offer the most to its clients, SIM standardized its training in the early 2000s. SIM is the only OHS trainer whose training is recognized by every international company it serves.

SIM qualifies organizations for the market

SIM is the designer of the Cognibox community, a software suite hosted on the Web in a highly secure environment that enables management of subcontractor and supplier qualification, as well as management of the associated documentation based on criteria related to health and safety, the environment, sustainable development and regulatory compliance.
The Cognibox community is now the benchmark for contractor, subcontractor and supplier qualification, and has grown by 755% over the last 5 years. Cognibox puts the best subcontractors/suppliers in touch with the largest international contractors in the metallurgical, mining, food, chemical and manufacturing fields.

SIM is…

  • More than 100 experienced, skilled professionals;
  • 30 customer service representatives to support you in qualifying your business with large industrial contractors;
  • The only health and safety training centre to have standardized its training to the requirements of all international contractors operating in Québec;
  • 50 health and safety trainers who give more than 5,000 training sessions annually;
  • 15 business advisors in the areas of health and safety, business management, productivity improvement, and skills and training management;
  • A curriculum of more than 40 high-level courses for working managers;
  • An IT team dedicated to the development of Cognibox, subcontractor qualification management software and training management system.